Patti Williams Gardening LLC
We can create new gardens or take care of the old ones!
We can plant tulip bulbs in the Fall for bright early Spring color!
We specialize in the planting, upkeep and maintenance of roses!
Bleeding Hearts
We can design new flower beds or weed and clean up your existing flower beds!

Vegetable gardens are seeing increased demand these days as people are getting out and enjoying picking their own fresh vegetables for their family meals.  What can be more healthy than fresh vegetables from your very own vegetable garden. We will till the ground and prepare the soil.  Then when the time is right, we can plant a wide array of vegetable choices.

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Some vegetable choices Herbs
Peppers (green, yellow, orange or red)                
Lettuces (choices vary) Parsley
Onions (red, green or yellow) Oregano
Tomatoes Rosemary              
Squash Basil
Cabbage Sage
Melons More.....
And more......  


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