Patti Williams Gardening LLC
We can create new gardens or take care of the old ones!
We can plant tulip bulbs in the Fall for bright early Spring color!
We specialize in the planting, upkeep and maintenance of roses!
Bleeding Hearts
We can design new flower beds or weed and clean up your existing flower beds!

BushTrimming1 500x128To help keep your exterior looking great we provide tree, bush and shrub timming. Trees, bushes and shrubs can get overgrown and make the appearance of your exterior look untidy. We can trim back any your unruly bushes and shrubs. We can trim back evergreens, prune lilacs or cut back red twig dogwoods. Most all bushes and shrubs can be prunned. A well kept and neatly trimmed bush and hedge can really spruce up your curb appeal.  


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