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Deer Repellants Applied


Deer repellents applied to gardensIf deer are a nuisance and eating up some of your prized plantings then we can help. Deer may be fun to watch but deer can just eat up a garden. There are products made that will help in repelling deer.  Patti, as part of her gardening services, can apply a variety of products to plants that will help keep those pesky deer away from eating up your beautiful garden plants.  Several different methods can be used. There are odor repellents, taste repellents and mechanical deer repellents. We will normally apply either an odor repellent or taste repellent.

How they work: odor repellents just plain smell bad and the deer are repulsed by the smell and won't nibble on your plantings. Taste repellents obviously taste bad and the deer won't eat the plants for that reason. They can even burn the noses of the deer causing them to leave your greenery alone.

One other method of deer repellency is to buy deer resistant plants. Deer have certain types of plants that they really love. There are also plants that are known for being deer resistant and sometimes that's always the easiest way when deer are know to be a problem in certain areas of your property.


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