Patti Williams Gardening LLC
We can create new gardens or take care of the old ones!
We can plant tulip bulbs in the Fall for bright early Spring color!
We specialize in the planting, upkeep and maintenance of roses!
Bleeding Hearts
We can design new flower beds or weed and clean up your existing flower beds!

Decorative Pots and Planters

PlanterDesign400x299 ODecorative pots are also a specialty of Patti Williams LLC. Numerous clients have had us design and put together decorative pots for their front porches, back yard patios and other strategic areas around their yards. Varying colors are used to set off the decorative pots against a backdrop of the house, outdoor patio or the dark green of the lawn.  

Pots can be used to welcome guests in from the outside. Black and Blue Salvia can been used to attract hummingbirds to your backyard oasis. Many combinations are available. Every pot is custom designed specifically for you.

We can provide the pots or planters or we can use your current planters. Different plants are used to bring out the natural beauty of the home. Different colors and sizes of plants are mixed to create a pleasing overall look.


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