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We can create new gardens or take care of the old ones!
We can plant tulip bulbs in the Fall for bright early Spring color!
We specialize in the planting, upkeep and maintenance of roses!
Bleeding Hearts
We can design new flower beds or weed and clean up your existing flower beds!

PlantFlats 280x364 OPlanting Flats of FlowersWe Love To Plant Flats Of Flowers!

One of the most requested services at the nurseries is for someone who will plant flats. People just seem to hate planting flats of flowers. Not us here at Patti Williams Gardening. We love to plant flats.

Every year annuals are planted to beautify people's flower beds, gardens and landscapes. Time consuming and tedious, planting flats can be a chore that you would prefer not to do. Let us do the planting for you. We will plant flats along with other potted annuals to make your yard a happy and heart warming place to be. Pansies, petunias and impatiens, to name just a few, are very popular choices for your garden.

We can even do the shopping for you! We will pick up all the flats that you will need, bring them to your home and plant them for you! We make house calls! Just give us a call and we can make sure we provide the correct amount of flats needed to make your garden areas beautiful!

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