Patti Williams Gardening LLC
We can create new gardens or take care of the old ones!
We can plant tulip bulbs in the Fall for bright early Spring color!
We specialize in the planting, upkeep and maintenance of roses!
Bleeding Hearts
We can design new flower beds or weed and clean up your existing flower beds!

LandscapeDesign1 400x266 OPatti provides landscape and garden design services. Whether you need Patti to design just one small flower bed or create a design for your entire yard, she has the skills that will satisfy your every need. With years of experience in gardenscape design, Patti can produce a plan for you. Large budget or small budget; a plan can be customized just for you.

Our extensive knowledge of plant material will ensure that the right plants are used in the right settings. Some plants are sun loving and some plants will wilt in full sun areas. Some plants won't tolerate wind. Some plants won't grow well in overly moist soil. Some plants are drought tolerant. All these attributes are taken into consideration when developing a garden design for you. Potential height also weighs in the decision on where to plant certain types of plants.

Landscape DesignServices

  • Flower bed design
  • Landscape design
  • Transplanting 
  • Annuals and perenials
  • Seasonal design
  • Seasonal pot design
  • Landscape features
  • Choice of plantings
  • Customization
  • Affordable


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